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Our Story

What do you do when you are middle age, are fed up with a lifetime of doctor’s advice, side effects and general discomfort for both the general public and you? You grab the plant by the molecule, and you march right out and produce products that solve problems, something you can get behind and that works!

Synonymous with “solution”. Christi Powell-Chapman, a nationally accredited respiratory practitioner, worked in the Portland and Vancouver area for 26 years providing critical care supporting patients with respiratory distress issues both acute and chronic. Chapman also worked on the open heart team and at Portland’s only burn unit. Her experience and compassion for people has brought her to a place of desiring to find the solutions so many of us face with our health today.

In 2006 Christi presented her own health issues and taking a leave of absence set out to find natural alternatives in medical practice to the protocols her condition was mandating. Introducing Cannabis as a protocol for her own health solutions, Chapman realized how quickly cannabis had changed the quality of life in her own family, she was now dedicated to bringing change and hope to other families.  In her quest for natural solutions.

The Balmb Body Care line was launched in 2015 and later honored in Oregon with an award in 2016.  Christi knew she was on to something and kept digging deeper!

Christi turned her attention and efforts to researching and formulating the highest quality products available. There was no stopping her now! Chapman went on to create Emerald Daze Hemp in 2017.

It did not take long before Christi began to correlate the upper respiratory tract activity. Christi realized her extensive experience and education specific to respiratory diseases had to include products that were safe and effective for lung inhalation. The solution had to be quick, effective, simple and easy.

Chapman Health and Wellness metered dose inhalers are a revolutionary way to utilize CBD discreetly, safely, and without heat or smoke. The ability to have an effective bronchodilator without the side effects of tachycardia (increased heart rate) was something that piqued Christi’s interest. Objectively, Pulmonary function tests measure lung volumes before and after using medication allowing for interesting fact finding results.

Swift in delivery, streaming straight into the bloodline through the lung inhalation, it is a simple and convenient delivery method for anyone, anywhere, any time for fast acting results.

We are confident this is not the end of the innovation road for Christi or the team at Chapman Health and Wellness! In fact, we are sure there are more great products on the horizon, but to date we are pretty proud of these and stand behind them, because the love of wellness and healing is at the core of everything they do at Emerald Daze and Chapman Products!