Metered dose inhalers are a perfect way to maintain privacy. No heat or smoke protecting the airways.

The micron size of each droplet allows for optimal deposition, the droplets are so small they are able to reach the lower part of the lungs (the alveoli) opening the small air sacs and allowing CBD to cross the blood brain barrier, immediately.

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Not intended for those
under 21 years of age


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No smoke, no heat, no problem. Developed by a pharmacist and respiratory therapist, the Emerald Daze CBD inhaler distributes 10 mg of CBD with each dose bringing medical modalities for people who are in need of an easy delivery device for their medicine. Read more on

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Emerald Daze is the brainchild of Christi Powell, veteran respiratory practitioner and personal user of CBD for pain. Christi has developed an innovative CBD inhaler, perfect for those with respiratory issues and anyone who wants pure, fast-acting relief without any smoke or vapor. Emerald Daze believes what we believe, that “hemp-based medications could forever change the way we treat our ailments, aches, and pains.” And their flagship (and only) product is a testament to their commitment to relieve suffering through the awesome power of this wonderful plant. Read more here.


jenny's mom


Thank you so much for your fabulous oils. I can use my hands more, only 13% use before and now able to dance again. My mission since I turned 80 years old, now 85 years old-to dance with people in their wheelchairs who still feel the need to dance holding my hand, and it’s safe standing in front of chairs. And we get to hold hands. The look on their faces, the smiles and wiggling, men and women. 

Before your oils I had to quit and now I am back dancing with 14 people in wheelchairs. Your oil made a difference in two applications. I use it every day as I was so uncomfortable and now free of pain. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness

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